Poetry eZine ~ April 2012

Wednesday, April 11

April 11th Prompt

Today's prompt may not yield a very comprehensible poem, but it should be fun nonetheless.

Write a poem which incorporates the words (or some version of the word): Shelter, swindle, energy, conceal, discover, delicate, wild, elegant, aptitude, obdurate, abrupt, placate, perfunctory, (and) versatile. All of these words were chosen from Dictionary.com's "Trending list." Good luck and happy writing!

Today's poem comes to us from David Dowell. Dowell writes about himself that "I have been writing poetry since the late 1970's after seeing Paul Carroll read at the University of Iowa. I have been published several times, most recently in the 2011 edition of Off Channel. I live with my three children in Geneseo, Illinois." Check out his poem, The Scroll of Secrets on today's blog!

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