Poetry eZine ~ April 2012

Sunday, April 1

Don Ford: Seasoned Reminder

I wanted to start this month's celebrations with a light hearted poem. But one which also helped to tell a story or perhaps even give advice. I found just such a message in Don Ford's poem Seasoned Reminder:


Don Ford

Please don't look at me like that

Do not turn your face away

You stare, but look right through me

Let's exchange some smiles today

I've lived my life - head held high

I hope you'll listen to me

When I share my seasoned words

There is something you must see

I know I walk much slower

In a wheel chair I may be

I once could run, jump and play

In a tree you might see me

Give age a chance, one more glance

Hold me up in high esteem

Please restore my dignity

In my place some day you'll be

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