Poetry eZine ~ April 2012

Monday, April 23

April 23rd Prompt and Question

Today, we're going to practice something very important to any writer.

You will be writing today, but rather than focusing on something completely new, drudge up something old. Find an old poem and re-read it a few times to see if you can see it in a new light. Today, find a poem you thought you had abandoned and adopt it anew. Are there any things you have experienced between the original writing and now that you can draw from? Is there a specific image that stands out that you can keep running throughout the poem? Has this poem developed a new voice? Does it say what you want it to say? Have your views shifted? Today, breathe new life into something old. Happy writing!

Today, instead of a poem, I would like to present a question for you to ponder (and possibly answer, though the question may not easily lend itself to an answer). This question comes to us as something with which I have been struggling for a long time:

What, if anything, is the purpose of poetry?

Is there 1 set purpose? Can it shift? Is purpose determined by poem? Is it to educate? Is it to entertain? Is poetry simply written for the sake of poetry? Does it even have a purpose?

I suppose this question really boils down to: Why do you write poetry?

Happy writing, and have a wonderful day!