Poetry eZine ~ April 2012

Saturday, April 21

April 21st Prompt

Today, the style of the blog has changed up a bit (at least on the poster's end), but that fits quite all right with the prompt.

Write about an adventure you had. Dig into your memory and find something about some travels you went on or a mountain you climbed or even a particularly adventurous trip to the super market. Does this memory have a broader connection to your life today? Did you realize something on this outing which you still keep with you? Has this event changed you in some way? Write your story, then share it! Happy writing!

Today's poem comes to us from Erin Gehn and is entitled Poem: The Purpose. About this poem, Gehn writes, "To be read in full and by only the right ledger phrases as two separate poems in one. Notice see-vision-scene, the blur style formatting of the middle ledger phrases, how 'punctuated' does not stop the sentence, and how the left ledger words- last words in every line- also tell a story "See, [a] vision punctuated [the] page." Aha!"