Poetry eZine ~ April 2012

Sunday, April 8

April Jennifer Choi: Life's Love

They walk together hand in hand, and hope never to part.
The Lovers are bound eternally, both in mind and in heart.
Life travels lightning fast, when wrapped in each other's arms.
Blinded from sadness, by just the sight of the others charms.

Love grows stronger, and gives the breath of Life to both.
Forced to age in time, but maturing graceful is their growth.
Learning from each other, both Live twice the Life they would,
They know they both are needed, to be there and understood.

Neither look to the future, and grasp tightly to what is now.
For the future will come soon enough, faster than they allow.
Life becomes what he will, but as long as love is there,
Life will survive the future, and do so without despair.

Love is welcome by Life, though she may cause some pain,
But no matter the hurt, there is always much more to gain.
Love puts a handle on Life, but she will break time to time.
Life then gives back to Live, and will feel in their prime.

Loves comes deeply into life, just as life comes into Love,
Both seem to come from nowhere, springing out from above.
To break up this pair is a tragedy, but seen in eyes every day.
"Please, reunite these two Lovers." are the words I shall pray.

The great Love of your Life, is a Life you Love gratefully.
Do so kindly, and they will kindly return the favor.

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